Project "Ladybug"

What a small caterpillar, with a bit of a gothic-look, can actually accomplish...
this project went on for two weeks right outside the back door.
CVZ7D_20220704-080 WEB.jpg

It started with this "spiky" caterpillar...

CVZ7D_20220705-164 WEB.jpg

... who decided to start its first phase of life on my ornamental onion.

(I had no clue what it was, but google lens told me it was the larva of a ladybug)

CVZ7D_20220705-204 WEB.jpg

a bit of a gothic-look

CVZ7D_20220712-259 WEB.jpg

After a few days, this happened...

google told me that this phase would last about 7 days

(so I could have a bit of rest)

CVZ7D_20220718-024 WEB.jpg

and after exactly 7 days I found this new born ladybug in the morning

CVZ7D_20220718-203 WEB.jpg

first tricks on a leaf

CVZ7D_20220718-245 WEB.jpg

"this made me"

CVZ7D_20220718-352 WEB.jpg

seeking the comfort of the pupa again

CVZ7D_20220718-583 WEB.jpg

still a bit scary in the big world....

CVZ7D_20220719-020 WEB.jpg

and the next morning

this beauty emerges on a blooming onion

CVZ7D_20220719-059 WEB.jpg

it took off into the big world that morning...

CVZ7D_20220720-013 WEB.jpg

That was not the end of this story...

It looks like my terras is quite popular amongst spiky caterpillars...

a new born ladybug, this time "caught in the act"

CVZ7D_20220720-247 WEB.jpg

let's stay here for a while...

CVZ7D_20220720-146 WEB.jpg

now it is showing of;

about an hour old and

it already caught its first lice!

CVZ7D_20220720-395 WEB.jpg

pumping blood into the wings

CVZ7D_20220720-569 WEB.jpg

it is still around in the afternoon

CVZ7D_20220720-626 WEB.jpg

CVZ7D_20220720-703 WEB.jpg